Your child should be given special attention when they are experiencing a dental emergency. These are urgent dental services to quickly and efficiently relieve oral pain. If left untreated, the issue will worsen and prone to bacterial infections. It’s our priority to ensure that your child is getting the best care with our trained experts!

Dental Emergencies

At our office, we are available to handle any emergency situations for our patients. If your child is experiencing an emergency beyond the mouth, call 911 or take your child to the nearest emergency room.


Rinse your child’s mouth with warm water to help clean the affected tooth and floss to remove any food debris that may be impacted.  Give your child aspirin or Motrin, according to the package directions, to help alleviate the pain. Contact our office immediately.

Knocked out Permanent Tooth:

Hold the tooth by the crown (the white part) trying not to touch the root. If the tooth is dirty, rinse it with cold running water. Reposition the tooth, have your child bite on something soft like their t-shirt and come to our office as soon as possible. If you are unable to replant the tooth, place the tooth in milk, saline or in your child’s mouth between their cheek and gums and come to our office immediately.

Knocked out Primary Tooth:

Do not replant primary teeth as it may cause damage to the permanent tooth. We recommend a soft food diet and schedule an appointment with our office for follow-up.

Chipped or Fractured Tooth:

If available, keep the broken tooth fragment in milk and bring it with you to our office. Follow-up with our office as soon as possible for any necessary treatment.

We know that accidents happen all the time and we are here to help put your mind at ease!

Are You in Need of Emergency Pediatric Care in Fort Lauderdale?

At Hart to Hart Dental, your child’s oral health and comfort is of the utmost importance to us. We are a committed team to treat your child’s emergency so they can smile beautifully again!