Dental Crowns

Restore the health, function, and appearance of your smile with durable, custom crowns.

Take a second to think of everything your teeth do in a day. Eating, talking, and more. Your teeth even come together when you swallow, and people swallow on average 900 times a day. It is no surprise that your teeth will endure some wear and tear. With dental crowns, we’re able to restore various forms of damage and give you your functional smile back!

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns, also known as caps, are a form of protection and are placed over a prepared tooth. They cover and replace the part of the tooth that you see in the mouth. They are great for restoring single or multiple teeth with problems such as large cavities, cracks, and fractures. They also allow you to achieve an Esthetically pleasing and functional smile.

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  • Restore a broken or fractured tooth
  • Restore a tooth with a large cavity
  • Restore a tooth with a crack
  • Fill a gap between teeth
  • Replace a missing tooth
  • Esthetic purposes

The Dental Crown Process

Depending on the reason for your restoration, the dental crown placement process may vary slightly. However, the concept is always the same. First, we apply local anesthesia to the area so that we can provide a painless procedure. We then shape the tooth so that it can hold the crown. From there, we’ll place a temporary crown. You’ll wear this while we shape your brand new, custom crown. You’ll need to come back for a second appointment to place the new crown.

Are You In Need of Dental Crowns in Fort Lauderdale?

Don’t wait to get the restoration you need! If dental crowns in Fort Lauderdale are in your future, contact our office at Hart to Hart Dental to learn more or to schedule an appointment today.