Give your smile a second chance with a classic smile solution, dentures.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are a prosthetic device that sits on top of the gums. They include false teeth, and provide the full restoration of teeth, including the appearance and function of your smile. Dentures are able to be removed, unless they are supported by implants. In that case, they’re intended to stay put!

Complete Dentures vs Partial Dentures

Dentures are a great restorative option for a variety of situations! Contrary to popular belief, you can get dentures even if you have some remaining teeth. Partial dentures are a smaller appliance, custom-made to fit your smile’s exact needs without removing any remaining teeth. A complete denture provides full arch restoration.

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Benefits of Dentures

Dentures have been a popular restoration choice for years! The benefits of partial and complete dentures include:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Natural look
  • Custom fit of comfort

Are You Looking to Get Dentures in Fort Lauderdale?

Dentures in Fort Lauderdale are the ideal option for so many of our patients at Hart to Hart Dental! So, if you’re interested in the potential of dentures for yourself, contact us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment!