Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide also known as laughing gas is a safe and effective sedative agent to help calm a child’s fear of dental treatment. It is delivered through a mask over their nose, wears off quickly and decreases discomfort.

Oral Sedation

Sedation is a technique to help guide a child’s behavior during dental treatment. It is used for children who have a high level of anxiety or those requiring extensive amounts of dental treatment. Sedation can also be helpful for those with special needs. Various medications can be used for sedation. Medications are used to reduce anxiety, discomfort and to increase cooperation promoting an overall great dental experience. Unlike general anesthesia or IV sedation, oral sedation is not intended to make your child unconscious or unresponsive although they may become relaxed or drowsy.

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IV Sedation

IV Sedation is administered in our office with the guidance of a pediatric anesthesiologist. IV sedation can be used for those requiring extensive dental treatment. Since the child is asleep for treatment, we are able to complete all necessary treatment.

General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia may be recommended for children with extensive dental needs who are unable to cooperate for dental treatment, medically compromised or have special needs. General Anesthesia is administered at Joe DiMaggio Children’s hospital on an outpatient basis.

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Our goal is to ensure your child has a great dental appointment while keeping them comfortable and making it fun. If you have any further questions regarding our sedation options or to schedule an appointment please contact us at Hart to Hart Dental today!