Restorative Dentistry

Tooth loss or damage shouldn’t keep you from smiling! Explore your restorative options.

Pediatric dentists have completed two years of specialized training in treating infants, children, teenagers and those with special health care needs. Children’s teeth, unlike adult teeth, have thin enamel and are more prone to cavities growing quickly.

Some of our restorative options are:

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These help to restore teeth with small cavities and keep your smile beautiful.


When a cavity becomes too large or a tooth is broken down, crowns are recommended to restore size, function and to protect the tooth until it’s ready to come out naturally.


Extensive decay or trauma can lead to an infection of the nerve. When the nerve becomes irritated and inflamed, a pulpotomy, or “baby root canal” is recommended.


If a tooth is severely decayed and can’t be restored, then it may need to be extracted. Extractions are also recommended to make room for permanent teeth to erupt.

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