Lip & Tongue Ties

Improve speech, oral function, and comfort for your child by nipping tongue ties in the bud. Learn more!

A tongue-tie, or ankyloglossia, is a common physical condition which limits the use of the tongue. A lip-tie is a condition where the upper or lower lip cannot be moved properly. When we are born, our frenum, or the attachment in the center of our mouth, is supposed to recede and become thin sometimes this does not happen. It is our priority to get your child the best dental care where full tongue and lip functionality can be restored.

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Common Symptoms

Your child may be experiencing symptoms. These include:

  • Problems nursing and feeding
  • Challenges with speech and sleeping
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Problems may even persist into adulthood

The Procedure

The procedure is simple with minimal complications. It only takes a few minutes and a difference in your child’s tongue and lip mobility will be observed immediately. The most important component to the procedure is adequate stretching after treatment. This will help to ensure optimal results from treatment.

Are You Looking for a Frenectomy and Tongue Ties Specialist in Florida?

At Hart to Hart Dental, it is important to us to get your child the best dental care possible. A frenum should not hinder the ability for your child to smile. We know how to treat your child and provide them with a safe, comfortable solution!