Do you know that 1 in 4 Americans adults have untreated tooth decay while half of the teenage population has cavities? It appears that tooth decay is considered as the second most common disease in the world. The good news is that cavities are preventable. Your first step to preventing cavities is seeing your dentist dentist Oakland Park.

Be Aware of Your Risk By Seeing a Dentist Oakland Park

The only way to know your cavity risk level is to see your dentist. Through extensive dental exams, regular checkups and thorough discussions with your dentist you will be able to understand your susceptibility to cavities, what causes cavities, what treatments are needed as well as habit and lifestyle changes that you need to implement. When you already know your risk level you can take a more proactive approach to help improve your dental health. Knowing your risk level will also give you an idea of how frequently you need to visit your dentist.

Brush Your Teeth to Remove Bacteria

Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes will help remove bacteria in your teeth that are responsible for cavity formation. Make sure that you brush meals and before retiring to bed. Bacteria that stay on your teeth overnight will damage the enamel thereby causing the cavity.

Lessen Your Consumption of Acidic and Sugary Foods and Drinks

If you’re a fan of coffee and tea you need to rethink that because prolonged exposure to acidic drinks plus add to that the sugar these drinks contain can increase your risk of developing cavities. You can drink and enjoy a hot cup but strive to rinse your mouth with water after drinking. Also, try to lessen your consumption of sugary foods.

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Looking for a Dentist Oakland Park?

Are you at risk of developing cavities? See your dentist Oakland Park to find out. At Hart to Hart Dental, our top priority is offering excellence in dental care and patient satisfaction for the whole family! Our doctors look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful smile and excellent oral health. Call us today for an appointment to visit our website to learn more about our services.